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The following is a list of events that have occurred on hardware/software or configurations in the LexiSoft data center. Not all events are listed here, but only those which may affect client performance, features, and services.


8/22/2011 Servers are being moved to our new Fiber feed this week. During that time you may find sites to go down for a short time. The new feed is faster and more reliable than the existing T copper lines and we are excited to provide this service.
09/24/2010 A massive new server has been added to our collection. Please note that we will be performing some shuffling and maintenance this weekend starting 09/25/2010. Expect some service interruptions during that time.
07/25/2009 We added several servers supporting virtualization allowing us to offer virtual server hosting.
04/01/2007 LexiSoft will discontinue all DSL service by June 1st. We will be expanding our hosting, remote support, and dedicated T's services, while scaling down consumer type connectivity products, such as DSL.
05/17/2005 Internet communications problem on a route between Dallas and Miami are affecting a large portion of the Internet. Even if the geography does not seem related. The backup routes are overloaded and as such access to some sites is extremely slow. We expect repairs to be made through the day.
01/10/2005 Major Cable problems have been detected by us and reported to BellSouth. A cable crew has been working on isolating the problem since Friday. They finally isolated the problem to an Oak Tree that severed part of the main phone cable on Babcock Street The cable is full of humidity causing 2 of our T1 customer lines to go up and down. A cable replacement crew will work on the cable on Tuesday the 11th, during that time all our lines will be affected from time to time.  Ah...  Florida Living!
11/22/2004 LexiSoft is expanding. We will be more than doubling our available bandwidth resources this week!
9/07/2004 Hurricane Frances came and went. It left a lot of damage in this area. However, here at LexiSoft we survived just fine. Our generator kept all servers and systems running through the storm, and afterwards, until our power was finally restored today. Many of our customers are not so lucky, downed phone lines, power lines, and damage to buildings is widespread. We wish everyone a quick recovery from this nasty visitor! Thanks to Gina for staying in the offices during the hurricane and keeping an eye on everything!
2/23/2004 A garbage truck cut a major fiber cable, leaving 10000 customers without phone and Internet service. The affected area is north Wickham Rd. /Suntree. BellSouth hopes to restore service by 6:00pm.
One of our T-1 circuits was also affected, causing slower connection speeds while traffic was routed through other T connections. The T-1 was affected from 7:04 until 8:12 when we managed to have it reroute it over a different fiber cable.
12/04/2003 Propane based generator installed and tested. We are now covered over extended periods in case of a power failure. Although we always used Battery based industrial UPS systems, the generate will extend the power failure coverage to several days.
10/22/2003 Disaster strikes and our main database server lost its hard drive and configuration, despite backup procedures. We are working on restoring that system. Affected services: Client E-mail services are down, billing system is down (bet you are happy about that!). We will restore all services before day end.
08/25/2003 DSL Core Router replaced with a newly upgraded CISCO router. You may experience outage between 06:00pm to 07:30pm. Please restart your DSL modem if it does not come up automatically.
08/14/2003 NetBios ports are now blocked on all DSL lines as a security precaution. If you wish to use NetBios to other sites, use a VPN, or let us know that you wish to have ports on your connection opened.
08/09/2003 9:00 am - BellSouth will be out to rewire all lines, T1's, DSL, Dial-up, etc. in order to increase reliability during heavy rains/thunderstorms.
Expect short outages this morning.
07/23/2003 CISCO Core routers upgraded to latest version of IOS.
07/10/2003 LexiSoft installs Spam Filter on e-mail systems.
07/07/2003 Traffic shaping implemented to increase throughput.


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